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Starter Plan

Basic Plan

Growth Plan

Premium Plan

Monthly pricing
Annually Pricing (20% off)
Update product
Autosync product data from Shopify to Dott
250 products feed
2500 products feed
10,000 products feed
Unlimited products feed
Manage, update products' stock and prices
Setup discount for products
Order management
View Dott orders (ID, Order number, Status,...)
Search by Order ID and filter
Change order's status
View order details (customer, shipping address,...)
View and download related documents (invoices, shipping, return guides,...)
Parcel and Shipping management
View parcel and shipping information (status, shipping type,...)
Search by Order ID and filter
View parcel details
Return and refund management
View all return and refund requests
Search by Order ID and filter
Change return orders' status
Create refund originated by a return
View return details (reason, customer,...)
View refund details (reason, customer,...)


Can I change my plan later?

Yes, you can. You can click “Pricings” button in application to switch between each pricing plan (eg. upgrade from Starter to Basic, downgrade from Premium to Growth…) anytime.
About the differences in app charge, please read details here.

What will happen if I downgrade?

As a result, the Dott app will sync only first XX (allowed number) products. For example: If you downgrade from Basic to Starter plan but you already synced 2500 products data, only first 250 products will be sync automatically to your Dott store, the rest will not be updated.

You can also manually select the products that you want to be synced from Shopify to Dott until it reached your plan limit.

How does monthly payment work?

Our app charge will be included in your Shopify billing, so your Shopify invoice will include your Shopify plan + our app charge.

What type of support is offered?

We offer support via ticket and knowledge base for all plans. Our support is available Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 6 PM GMT+7 and will resolve all tickets in around 24 hours.