Checkout.liquid Deprecation

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Checkout.liquid Deprecation

The checkout.liquid theme file is being deprecated

  • August 13, 2024:

    Checkout.liquid for Information, Shipping, and Payment steps will be disabled.

  • August 28, 2025:

    Checkout.liquid, script tags and additional scripts for the Thank you and Order status pages will be sunset and no longer supported.

checkout.liquid deprecation

Upgrade now to prevent any malfunctions in your checkout page

App-Based & No Coding

Seamlessly customize checkout using app-based solutions, no coding required.


Access the latest checkout features instantly, with no need for periodic upgrades.

Increase Speed & Conversion

Built on the latest technology platform, delivers a 2x faster checkout and an average 1% increase in conversion.

Access To All Powerful Features

Supports all of Shopify's latest and powerful checkout features.


Branding API & Checkout Editor

  • Fully control your checkout with the access from Branding API to edit all checkout elements: logo, buttons, colors, background, and more. 

  • Automatically applied to checkout, Shop Pay, and is inherited by checkout extensions installed on the shop.

Shopify Checkout Custom Branding
Shopify Checkout Custom Functions


Powerful Functions with Checkout Apps

  • Add new powerful functions to your checkout with Checkout Apps: UI extensions, custom logic, post-purchase pages, and Shopify pixel manager - without touching code.

  • Customize easily using drag-and-drop checkout editor.

Qikify offers FREE consultation to help you upgrade today

Our experts can ensure no oversight of your current Checkout.liquid and make the upgrade easier.

Upgrade process with Qikify team

  • Step 1: Contact us

  • Step 2:  Qikify team analyze your checkout page based on your provided information (domains, your requirements,...) 

  • Step 3:  We will return with recommended app-based solutions which best fit your requirements.

  • Step 4:  We will discuss in details and support with any of your concerns in a call.

Upgrade process by yourself

  • Step 1: Understand Checkout Extensibility

  • Step 2:  Review your current customizations in your Checkout.liquid

  • Step 3:  Define your project scope and research for alternative solutions from Checkout Extensibility

  • Step 4:  Build and test your new checkout

  • Step 5:  Deploy and optimize your new checkout

You can download and discover more about Checkout.liquid deprecation and Checkout Extensibility through our ebook - A Complete Guide To Upgrading Shopify Checkout Extensibility here. 

It's time to upgrade your checkout and level up your business

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What You Need To Know

1. When should I upgrade to Checkout Extensibility? 

As per the official announcement from Shopify, Checkout.liquid will be turned off and no longer supported after August 28, 2025. We strongly recommend all Shopify store owners upgrade to Checkout Extensibility before this date to ensure proper checkout functionality.

2. How long will it take to upgrade to Checkout Extensibility?

The process to upgrade to Checkout Extensibility is straightforward and simple once merchants have completed their review of the current Checkout.liquid. Merchants can instantly use the new checkout page in Checkout Extensibility once they have installed new app-based solutions as an alternative to Checkout.liquid.

3. How long will it take the Qikify team to review the store's Checkout.liquid and provide a suggested upgrade plan?

In most cases, it will take the Qikify team around 3 working days to review your Checkout.liquid and provide a plan. However, for more advanced requests or complex Checkout.liquid, we will respond within 3-5 working days.

4. Is this a totally free upgrade service from Qikify, or does it include fees?

This is a free consulting service from Qikify. We will assist Shopify merchants with their Checkout.liquid concerns and provide only a suggested plan. Merchants will pay the subscription fee themselves if they use the recommended checkout apps.