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Combine Upsell Offers With Social Proof

How to improve the upselling conversion rate using social proof? 

Our tips to boost your summer sales promotion!

combine upselling with social proof


Qikify Upsell Free Gift
Qikify Sales Popup Social Proof

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  1. Build trust and create the urgency to accept the upselling offer
  2. Increase upselling conversion rate


All industries

When and which brand should apply this case?

For brands that seeking for solution to improve upselling conversion rate and especially for seasonal sales campaigns. 

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Features To use:

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We will create the Free Gifts offer and strengthen the offer with extensions to create the FOMO, urgency with two apps: Qikify Upsell & Free Gift and Qikify Sales Popup & Proof. If you haven't installed these apps, free to do it here

Step 1: Create the Free Gift in Qikify Upsell & Free Gift app

Step 1.1: Log in to your store admin and create the extension

Log in to your store admin and open "Qikify Upsell & Free Gift" app.

Qikify Upsell Free Gift Dashboard

Step 1.2: Set up your Free Gift extension

Create the settings for "Free Gift" extension regarding:

- The content: title, done message

- The popup settings: title, description 

- Receiving behavior: as manually that customers can select variants or certain number of gifts; or automatically which means the gifts will be automatically added to cart when customers meet the requirements. 

- The discount settings: tier details such as the min subtotal of cart, the selected gifts, etc. 

Set up Qikify Free Gift extension

Step 2: Combine it with Sales Popup and Cart Countdown using Qikify Sales Popup & Proof app

Step 2.1: Add a FOMO popup of gifts collected

Log in to Qikify Sales Popup app and create a new extension of Sales pop. 

Qikify Sales Popup Dashboard

Step 2.2: Create the popup with content related to the Free Gift offer that you have created

Create the popup with message, the display page aligning to the Free Gift offer that you have created. 

set up the Qikify Sales popup

Step 2.3: Add an Cart Countdown timer

In the Qikify Sales Popup app, create another extension of the Cart Countdown to encourage customers to make decision quickly. 

Qikify cart countdown extension

Step 2.4: Set up the Cart Countdown timer extension

Create the content of the Cart Countdown aligning to the Free Gift offer. In this example, you can see we set up it as: "Free Gifts are running out in:..."

Set up the qikify cart countdown timer

Demo Video

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