How Clay Imports Streamlines Order Management Process With A Custom Checkout

Find out how Clay Imports optimizes their checkout flow regarding the high-volume tile purchases and increase the AOV, the conversion rate with a tailored custom checkout page. 


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In 2012, brothers Zac and Nick Barreiro founded Clay Imports, inspired by their love of tile, appreciation for craftsmanship, and passion for international travel. They collaborate with talented artisans globally to offer an authentic selection of high-quality, sustainable designs.

Clay Imports strives to create outstanding spaces through their customizable tile and clay architectural products. Their goal is to be nationally and internationally recognized as tile experts, streamlining, modernizing, and revolutionizing the entire process of tile creation, selection, sale, and installation.

Ultimately, Clay Imports is a company of innovators. The team constantly seeks better, faster, and more innovative ways to exceed industry expectations.

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custom checkout page with a custom field

The custom field lets customers input their project name with ease,


The need for a customized checkout page arises from specific limitations within the default Shopify checkout while Clay Imports has a unique selling process.

First of all, Clay Imports needs to allow customers to make purchases with option to use their project names

  • Clay Imports added a simple additional field to the checkout page. It allows customers to input their project name with ease. 

    This field streamlines the order management process, enabling Clay Imports to locate orders swiftly and follow up with customers for installation photos once their project is complete. 

    This personal touch not only fosters stronger customer engagement but also enhances marketing efforts, as they can easily identify and connect with customers based on their unique project names.

custom checkout page with a custom field

The custom field lets customers input their project name with ease,

Secondly, Clay Imports sells tiles which can be purchased as individual samples or in bulk quantities of dozens or hundreds. The checkout page needs to allow customers to quickly adjust their cart quantities based on whether they are ordering samples or larger amounts. A cumbersome process for bulk orders can deter customers.

  • Clay Imports customizes the cart section in the checkout page to let customers quickly adjust their cart items by quantity unit without navigating back to the cart page. This feature caters to the careful customers who often review their cart before finalizing their purchase.

Lastly, they've integrated a Product Offer feature that recommends complementary products. This boosts sales and enhances the overall customer experience by ensuring they have all the necessary items in one go, minimizing the need for separate transactions.

Moreover, it underscores the importance of accompanying tile care products, promoting a holistic approach to customers' purchases.

custom checkout page to adjust cart items

Clay Imports customizes checkout page to enable customers update the items by units: 1 item or 56 items.


The revamped checkout page now boasts:

  • Custom Fields: Allows customers to easily input their project name. 
  • Custom Cart: Enables customers to effortlessly adjust their cart quantities in single units or convenient increments (e.g., 10, 20).
  • Product Offer: Recommends complementary products, increase AOV and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Custom Buttons: Provides customers with quick access to support.
  • Custom Brand: Guarantees a visually cohesive checkout page that seamlessly aligns with Clay Imports' overall brand style.

clay imports

The current checkout page of Clay Imports: 

clay imports custom checkout page

clay imports


"They are very quick in their response, willing to help me in whichever ways, and open to hearing my feedback. I have had a very good experience with them. I don't hesitate to contact them if I need any help."

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Take a closer look at Clay Imports' store and try customizing your checkout page to boost sales today with Qikify.