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Create Purchase Incentives with Free Gift 

Increase conversion rate and enhance customer experience by offering free gift incentives.


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  1. Increase conversion rate
  2. Enhance customer experience and satisfaction
  3. Drive repeat purchases and foster brand loyalty


All industries

When and which brand should apply this case?

For brands that seeking to increase conversion rate and enhance customer experience.
This use case offers an effective sales boosting tool for promotional campaigns, seasonal sales and sales initiatives. 
In addition, this feature can also be used in product launches to encourage trial of new products by providing free samples with related purchases. In all these scenarios, the free gift adds perceived value to the purchase, ultimately enhancing the customer's experience.

Feature To use:


Step 1: Log in app dashboard and Create Offer

Log in to your store admin and open “Qikify Discount & Free Gift” app. If you haven’t installed our app, do it for free from here.

Click on “Create Offer” button in the app dashboard

Step 2: Create “Free gift” offer

Step 3: Set up offer details

Configure your offer details with easy steps:

  • Create Title and Subtitle for your free gift offer
  • Select Receiving Behavior (Automatically or Manually)
  • Adjust Trigger Products & Trigger Quantity
  • Choose Free Gift Products
  • Set up additional options (Optional): Limit settings, message, display conditions, combination with other discounts, etc.

If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to reach out to our support team in the live chat.

Step 4: Style your “Free Gift” offer

Choose “Styling & Display” > Click on “Free gift” in the Type section

Step 5: Add app embed to your product page (optional)

If you use app embed layout, this is a crucial step to display your offer in product page:

  • From Shopify admin, open Theme editor > Go toProduct page editor
  • Then, add a new blockin the Product information section
  • Choose “qikify Free Gift”

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