Line Furniture - Eliminating Manual Steps Through Custom Fields on Checkout

Get inspired by how our customer, Line Furniture, streamlined their process with custom fields and eliminated manual steps.


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Line Furniture is a dedicated firm in the realm of furniture, home accessories, and design. They offer a wide range of products exceeding 100,000 items. 

From gently-used outlet goods to brand-new luxury models, their offerings boast unbeatable prices. Infused with an international flair, modern sensibilities, and a touch of luxury, Line Furniture's designs cater to diverse tastes. 

The team is committed to empowering individuals to craft distinctive and exclusive home environments tailored to their preferences.


Line Furniture deals in heavyweight, sizable, and high-priced products. This product category necessitates special payment methods, such as the option to pick up items at various Line Furniture stores. 

Line Furniture also offers partial payment, which may require customers' social security numbers, payment with an invoice through a company, or payment methods for orders made through social channels.

As these payment methods aren't available in Shopify settings, Line Furniture has a need to customize their checkout page to incorporate these specific payment methods.


The absence of these custom fields previously led Line Furniture to spend excessive time contacting customers for manual payments, resulting in prolonged purchase processes for both sellers and buyers. 

Customers had to await contact and instructions from Line Furniture, impacting the overall buying experience negatively.


Within just one hour of meeting with the Qikify team, Line Furniture successfully addressed this issue. The revamped checkout page of Line Furniture now boasts:

  1. Custom Fields: These allow the addition of new payment methods on the payment page, incorporating necessary information like the social security number for partial payments.
  2. Reward Bar: This feature visually displays the progress required in spending to unlock special offers.
  3. Product Offers: Line Furniture now showcases recommended products, facilitating cross-selling, upselling, and increasing the Average Order Value (AOV).
  4. Trust Badges: To enhance credibility and ensure secure payments, Line Furniture has introduced trust badges on the checkout page.

The current checkout page of Line Furniture:

Line Furniture custom checkout page
Now customers can freely select the desired payment methods in Line Furniture's checkout page. 


“It took only 1 hour of meeting with them to fix it. Very fast and helpful support"

Take a look at Line Furniture's custom checkout page and try it on your checkout to skyrocket sales today with Qikify.