Qikify x BSS B2B/Wholesale: Your Go-To Solution For Wholesale Selling

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Published: May 05, 2024

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qikify x BSS B2B/Wholesale Solution

Introducing BSS Commerce Solution for B2B/Wholesale Selling, designed to revolutionize the wholesale shopping experience for both B2C buyers and their B2B clients. A comprehensive solution streamlines the wholesale process, making it simpler and more efficient for merchants to manage their operations while offering a seamless shopping experience to their customers.

About BSS B2B/Wholesale Solution

With an emphasis on customization and flexibility, B2B Wholesale Solution enables merchants to tailor their services to meet the unique needs of their wholesale customers. This approach not only fosters stronger relationships but also enhances the overall efficiency of the wholesale process, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience for all parties involved.

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B2B Wholesale Solution Features

BSS Commerce B2B Solution is packed with key features designed to optimize the wholesale experience:

Wholesale Pricing

Tailor your pricing strategy with custom pricing, quantity breaks, and the option to apply extra fees, providing flexibility and incentives for bulk purchases.

Wholesale Customer Management

Streamline the onboarding process with a wholesaler registration form and automatically tag customers and orders, simplifying customer relationship management.

Enhanced Wholesale Features

Set minimum order limits, adjust quantity increments, facilitate manual orders, and customize shipping rates to accommodate the specific needs of your wholesale business.

Tax Control

Automate the exemption and display of VAT to ensure compliance with tax regulations, reducing administrative burden and enhancing accuracy.

Additional Features

Offer more value with discount codes, buy one get one deals, add custom fields to orders, and integrate with other systems through our Public API for a fully customizable and scalable solution.

By integrating these features into B2B/Wholesale Solution, BSS Commerce and Qikify provide merchants with the tools they need to efficiently manage their wholesale operations while offering an unparalleled shopping experience to their B2B customers.

About Qikify

Qikify stands as a trusted Shopify Expert, offering top-notch, cost-effective services with over 5 years of expertise in building apps on the Shopify platform. Presently, we proudly offer 10 apps, boasting an impressive average rating of 4.9. Our fervor lies in providing unwavering support to Shopify merchants worldwide, assisting them in realizing their dream stores through reasonably priced, highly efficient apps.

Our primary focus areas encompass marketing and conversion, along with the facilitation of product sales through techniques like upselling, cross-selling, and the integration of extensions aimed at enhancing your conversion rate.

Qikify Sales Pop up & Proof product features

Elevate your conversion rates with the ultimate sales toolkit. This powerful tool incorporates features like pop-ups, social proof, and more to effectively turn visitors into valued customers.

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