Guideline: How to do guest blogging on qikify?

Written by: Lauren

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Published: Nov 15, 2023

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Ultimate guide to shopify checkout customizations

I. Topics That We want

Our blog features posts offering guidelines, tips, and insights tailored to Shopify and eCommerce. Our primary objective is to furnish valuable information and knowledge to empower merchants in enhancing their conversion rates, optimizing their stores, and fortifying their branding.

All articles should be crafted with the readers' interests in mind. We have a preference for topics including:

  • Conversion Optimization
  • Building Stores Tips
  • Shopify Guidelines & News
  • Industry Trends & Insights

Before submitting your content, please ensure to check our blog to confirm that we haven't covered your chosen topic before.


    • Market: Shopify and eCommerce 
    • Preferred topics: Conversion Optimization, Building Stores Tips, Shopify Guidelines & News, Industry Trends & Insights 
    • Avoid overlapped topics that we already published. 

II. Content Expectations

Content Requirements

  • Value and Originality: Content should be valuable, original, and not published elsewhere online.

  • Impartiality: Avoid direct promotion or biased assessments towards any service, brand, or product.

  • Research and Accuracy: Ensure content is well-researched, featuring up-to-date information supported by solid statistics, accompanied by relevant data, links, and screenshots.

  • Copyright Compliance: Articles should not contain any copyrighted material, especially media such as images and videos. Use self-created or freely available media, giving proper credit if necessary.

  • Length Requirement: Content should be at least 1,500 words.

  • SEO: Adhere to SEO rules, and verify your content using the Yoast SEO Tool before submission.

  • Grammar and Readability: Maintain impeccable grammar, avoiding complicated language. Consider checking the content's readability with the Flesh reading ease score before submission. 

Outbound Links

  • Only 2 do-follow backlinks, must be relevant to the core topic.

  • Link anchor texts must flow naturally in the article.


  • Submit your post in Google Docs. 

  • Keep the format clear and simple using H1, H2, H3, etc. 

  • Include all images in a Google Drive folder. 

  • Include your bio/company info at the bottom of your article within 400 characters. 

  • Provide us a feature image for the post (1600x900)

  • Make sure to include all the basic necessary parts such as Meta title, Meta Descriptions, the URL that you want, and ALT text for the images. 

For Example: 





(the image caption) - optional 

- required

Image Optimization

  • Try to keep the image size below 100kb

  • Prefer WEBP

  • Image dimension should be at least 1200 width, ratio 16:9 is the best.

  • Pay attention to the image file's name for SEO optimization. 

III. Who We Accept Guest Blog From?

Kindly take notice that currently, we only accept Guest Blog from our partners, well-established companies/ professionals. We do not accept submissions from freelancers or others that not connected to the eCommerce industry, for now. 

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