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Sync Product Reviews to Shopify Checkout

Sync product reviews from your favorite app and classify reviews in checkout by products


qikify checkout customizer

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  1. Sync product reviews from 3rd-party app to checkout page
  2. Display reviews by the exact product in customer's cart for checkout


Any industry

When and which brand should apply this case?

For stores looking for displaying products reviews from 3rd-party app to checkout page.

Features To use:


Set up a Testimonials extension syncing product reviews from 3rd-party app as instructed below.

Step 1: Log in app dashboard

Log in to your store admin and open "Qikify Checkout Plus" app. If you haven't installed our app, you can free to do it from here.

qikify checkout customizer app dashboard - shopify checkout customization app

Step 2: Add extension "Testimonials"

Click on "Add extension" button in the app dashboard, then select "Testimonials" extension

add checkout extension testimonial for setup - shopify checkout customization app

Step 3: Select settings for syncing reviews and displaying reviews by product ID

  • Select setting "Integrate with review app" > Choose your review app
  • To display reviews by product, select setting "Show review of the exact product in cart summary"

Step 4: Add extension to checkout editor

  • Open Shopify Settings > Checkout. Then click on "Customize" to open checkout editor
  • Click on "Add app block" on the left panel and choose "Extra widget" > Select type "Testimonials"
  • Drag and drop the form in the editor to adjust its placement in checkout page

add reviews for testimonials extension in checkout page - shopify checkout customization app

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