Vape Superstore's Checkout Upselling Offers Saw a 168% Acceptance Increase During BFCM

Find out how Vape Superstore increased upselling conversion and ensures their branding consistence with a customized checkout page.


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Vape Superstore, a leading UK shop in the vaping sector, was launched in 2015 by a group of former smokers who understand the difficulties associated with quitting tobacco. 

With a focus on quality, affordability, and education, they provide a large range of over 3,000 e-liquids and over 250 vape kits, as well as a number of tobacco alternatives such as heated tobacco and nicotine pouches.

Their objective is to provide vapers and those who want to stop smoking with industry-leading brands at exceptional prices, as well as educational tools and guidance. Vape Superstore is committed to providing customers with informative content alongside their products.

Vape Superstore qikify customer
Vape Superstore Store


Vape Superstore seeks a Shopify custom checkout solution to ensure brand consistency and optimize upselling opportunities. This focus on a seamless visual experience and targeted recommendations aims to create an engaging shopping journey for their customers.

About branding: Vape Superstore employs a customized checkout page to ensure a cohesive brand experience throughout the customer's purchase. Their checkout maintains the store's clean, minimalist style, strategically contrasting with their colorful products. This design choice improves the visibility of both existing cart items and the upsell recommendations.


Additionally: Vape Superstore prioritizes convenient basket editing directly within the checkout flow. This minimizes navigation disruptions when customers choose to add upsell promotions. These combined efforts of streamlined branding, targeted upselling, and user-friendly editing directly support Vape Superstore's goal of creating a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

Vape Superstore Store

The current checkout page of Vape Superstore:  

Vape Superstore customized Shopify checkout

Vape Superstore creates a clean, simple, and follows the store's branding style. 


"Qikify effectively met our checkout customization needs, providing a user-friendly solution that allowed us to implement changes swiftly and without the need for coding expertise. 

The drag-and-drop customizer enables us to tailor our checkout page with ease. This requires minimal time investment.

Moreover, the responsiveness and support from the development team were outstanding, especially when we needed a specific feature for our Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotions. 

The team developed and integrated this feature quickly and efficiently, demonstrating the app's flexibility and the developers' commitment to supporting our business needs. 

Overall, the process was smooth, with no significant problems arising, thanks to the intuitive design of the app and the proactive support from the developers."

Vape Superstore


The QIKIFY solution proved so successful for Vape Superstore that they replicated the setup on their sister site - Alternix

"Your app has played a pivotal role in streamlining our checkout process, and the support provided has been exceptional. We look forward to seeing how the app evolves and how we can continue to leverage its features to enhance our customer's shopping experience further."

Take a closer look at Vape Superstore's custom checkout page or create your customizations to boost sales in Shopify checkout with Qikify!