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Fearless was founded in 2018 with the intent of providing goalkeepers all the necessary means to face the most challenging role on the soccer field. Respecting the demands of this focal position, Fearless products balance quality with aesthetics, arming goalies with top equipment for displaying maximum potential in training and games. 

Having served under the goalposts themselves, Fearless' mission is to provide high-standard products at low cost, so anyone, regardless of age or skill level, can be fearless!

Applied Features: 

Volume (Tiered Pricing) Discount 

Product Bundle Discount 

Cross-sell, Upsell Offer

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Volume (Tiered Pricing) 

Encourage customers to buy more with discounts based on the order quantity.

Increase the AOV

fearless volume pricing

Cross-sell, Upsell Offers

Attract customers and sell more by upselling and cross-selling products with promotions (Buy X, Get Y, etc.) combined with automatic discounts!
fearless upsell cross-sell

Product Bundle Discount

Sell more at once with the product bundles of combos, frequently bought together. 

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