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Line Furniture

Line Furniture is a dedicated firm in the realm of furniture, home accessories, and design. They offer a wide range of products exceeding 100,000 items. From gently-used outlet goods to brand-new luxury models, their offerings boast unbeatable prices. Infused with an international flair, modern sensibilities, and a touch of luxury, Line Furniture's designs cater to diverse tastes. 

+108% Boost Sales Clicks

Applied Features: 

Custom Fields, Custom Payment, Cross sell and Upsell, Custom Style

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Custom Fields & Custom Payment

Customize all the payment methods as the business requirements. Allow customers to input more information through the Custom Fields. 

Reduce manual steps in the checkout process and managing orders. 

line furniture custom fields

Cross sell and Upsell

Recommend relevant products and encourage customers to buy more. 

Increase AOV and drive sales. 

line furniture cross sell upsell

Custom Style

Change the default style of Shopify checkout by the store's banner and logo. 

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