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Published: Nov 7, 2023

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Every extra moment a visitor stays on your Shopify store is a chance to turn them into a customer, or even to upsell.This is where the power of the Shopify exit intent popup comes into play, extending the visitor's stay and making each second count. This dynamic tool can increase conversions, newsletter subscriptions, or reduce abandonments. 

In this article, we provide a comprehensive guide to the Shopify exit intent popup, covering its inner workings, diverse use cases, step-by-step creation, and fine-tuning for optimal performance, helping you maximize its potential for your Shopify journey.

What is the Shopify exit intent popup?

Distinguished from its counterparts like sales popups, discounts, or newsletter popups, the Shopify exit intent popup stands out for its unique trigger – the moment when a visitor signals their intent to leave the website. 

This distinction is crucial. The exit intent popup comes to life in response to specific user behaviors, such as cursor movements or clicking the 'back' button, indicating an imminent exit. It's a strategic intervention precisely when visitors are teetering on the edge of leaving your website.

This flexibility in function is a game-changer. A Shopify exit intent popup can serve a multitude of purposes. Whether it's luring potential customers with enticing discounts, enriching your lead pool, or simply detaining visitors long enough to nudge them further along their purchasing journey – the possibilities are boundless.

How does a Shopify exit intent popup work?

Shopify exit intent popup is a more complicated and innovative technology than the other popups. While we can usually set up popups with simple trigger settings like time on site or page scrolling, the exit intent popup predicts visitor intent to leave based on cursor movements or behaviors, ensuring timely intervention.

Once the Shopify exit intent popup identifies an imminent departure, it deploys a strategically tailored popup form, meticulously designed to align with the visitor's interests and requirements.

The primary objective of this popup is to captivate the visitor's attention, prompting them to reconsider their exit and, ideally, transform into valued customers or subscribers or convince them to do a certain action. 

To achieve this, the popup should offer a compelling message or enticing proposition that resonates with your target audience. 

By leveraging exit intent technology, businesses in the Shopify ecosystem can improve website performance, lower bounce rates, and enhance customer retention. Through monitoring user engagement and adjusting popup design and content, businesses can refine exit intent popups for higher conversion rates and sustained success.

Ultimately, the insightful application of exit intent technology can wield a substantial impact on a business's revenue and play a pivotal role in its long-term prosperity.

Use Cases for exit intent popup

Expanding on the versatility of the Shopify exit intent popup, it's worth noting that you can employ it for a range of purposes beyond its primary function. Aside from capturing leads and offering discounts, several other strategic applications can significantly enhance user experience and boost conversions. Let's find out some of the most commonly utilized use cases!

1. Customer Feedback

Think of this as a condensed survey, akin to the feedback forms you encounter after attending an event or exiting a store. It provides a valuable opportunity for visitors to share their insights with store owners or event organizers. You can set specific objectives for this feedback, such as understanding the reasons behind a non-purchase or gathering suggestions for an improved shopping experience. Whether it's a desire for more in-stock products or a call for additional promotions, this feedback mechanism can unearth invaluable insights.

  • Pro-tip:

Tailor the feedback prompts based on customer segments. For those who abandon their carts, inquire about the reasons behind their decision. Conversely, for returning customers, seek suggestions for enhancements.

2. Discount Offerings

Leverage the exit intent popup as a final persuasive tool to offer a discount code. This last-ditch effort can significantly impact conversion rates and help curtail cart abandonments. It's the closing argument to entice visitors into making a purchase.

Learn more about creating compelling discount popups here.

3. Social Media Promotion

Simplicity meets effectiveness when it comes to promoting your social media channels through the exit intent popup. It's a straightforward approach that can yield substantial results.

4. Newsletter Signup

Transform the exit intent popup into a potent newsletter signup tool. By retaining the familiar content and design of standard newsletter popups, but with the trigger set to exit intent, you can seamlessly integrate this functionality.

5. Cart Reminders and Abandonment Reduction

The exit intent popup serves as a gentle nudge to remind visitors about items left in their carts without completing the purchase. Inject urgency with a time countdown or introduce limited-time special offers to incentivize them to finalize their orders.

In fact, there are more use cases for the Shopify exit intent popup based on your strategy. By strategically deploying the Shopify exit intent popup in these various capacities, you can unlock a wealth of opportunities to enhance user engagement and drive conversions.

How to create a Shopify exit intent popup without coding?

Step 1: Select a Shopify Popup App with Exit Intent Support

Choosing the right Shopify popup app is paramount for a seamless workflow. We highly recommend leveraging a Shopify popup app to streamline the process. These apps are developed by skilled Shopify partners with extensive experience, ensuring that merchants can effortlessly create customized exit intent popups. They often come equipped with prebuilt extensions, robust testing capabilities, and detailed analytics. Furthermore, you'll find a range of options to suit different budgets.

For the purpose of this walkthrough, we will use the app qikify Sales Pop Up & Proof, but the process is similar across various apps.

The exit intent popup on Shopify App Store

Results for exit intent popup on Shopify App store

Step 2: Define Your Goal And fill in content

Depending on your specific campaigns or business strategies, you can tailor the exit intent popup to serve different purposes. This might involve offering enticing discounts, gathering valuable leads, expanding your mailing list, or disseminating information about upcoming campaigns.

Fill in your detailed content for the exit intent popup at this step such as headline, label, description, etc. 

Choose the goal for exit intent popup

Choose the goal and content for the popup

Step 3: Create the Design

Much like creating other types of popups, this step involves customizing the design to your brand’s style. It's crucial to bear in mind that a popup's effectiveness hinges on its ability to capture visitors' attention. This can be achieved through a compelling headline and eye-catching design.

Customize style for the exit intent popup

Customize style such as choosing color, alignment, etc. 

Step 4: Configure Trigger Settings for "Exit Intent"

In this pivotal step, set the trigger settings to "Exit Intent." It's important to note that the behavior of the exit intent popup may vary between desktop and mobile users. Tracking user behavior on mobile devices, where there's no cursor movement, can be more complex. If you plan to implement the exit intent popup on mobile devices, consider using alternative triggers such as scrolling behaviors or idle time.

Choose the exit intent as trigger settings

Choose the "exit intent" as trigger settings

Tips when create and for optimization

#1 Have a Well-Defined Strategy with Clear Goals

Avoid incorporating new elements into your store haphazardly, just because they're commonly utilized. Each addition should be part of a well-prepared plan. Be certain about what you aim to achieve with the Shopify exit intent popup. This clarity makes it easier to track progress and carry out optimizations effectively.

#2 Utilize Prebuilt Analytics and Testing Features

Beyond the results you gather, such as survey data and leads, pay close attention to the performance data of the popup itself. Most Shopify popup apps offer a dedicated analytics section, enabling merchants to assess their popups' effectiveness. Keep a keen eye on critical metrics like engagement rate, impressions, and conversion rate to determine if enhancements are warranted.

#3 Ensure You Have Attractive Content and Compelling Design

As emphasized earlier, the effectiveness of the exit intent popup hinges on its ability to capture visitors' attention. A poorly designed popup or one lacking a compelling headline can be swiftly dismissed without a second thought.

#4 "Humanize" and Personalize Your Message

To enhance attention-grabbing potential, infuse a human touch into your Shopify exit intent popup. Use conversational phrases like 'Hey, wait, Are you really leaving?' to simulate real-time interaction. This significantly boosts visitor engagement compared to a generic headline like 'Sign-up for our weekly newsletter.' Also, customize the message, promotions, and purpose based on specific customer segments, considering placements, behaviors, and purchasing history.

#5 Incorporate Urgency and FOMO

Infuse the offer in your exit intent popup with irresistible urgency or a sense of FOMO. Time countdowns or limited-time promotions are commonly employed tactics to create this effect. Even a subtle addition like this can substantially boost the conversion rate for the exit intent popup.

Learn more about how to use psychology to shape your eCommerce success

#6 Continuously Test and Optimize

Remember, success may not be immediate. Regularly monitor performance data and refine your Shopify exit intent popup accordingly. It might not align perfectly with your initial plan at first, but through ongoing testing and optimization, it will evolve to align seamlessly with your sales strategy.


In conclusion, it's remarkable how a seemingly small addition like a Shopify exit intent popup can yield substantial effects when implemented thoughtfully. This innovative tool has the power to transform visitor behavior by strategically intervening at the right moment when visitors are about to leave. The result? A noticeable boost in sales and desired actions from your valued visitors and customers.

To truly harness the potential of the exit intent popup, it's crucial to explore its inner workings, understand its diverse applications, and heed the advice we've shared for optimal performance. With the user-friendly qikify Sales Pop Up & Proof, you can take the reins and craft your very own exit intent popup today. Remarkably, the full range of features is available even in the free plan. Skyrocket your sales today by integrating this powerful tool!

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