Shopify One-Click Upsell: A Conversion Hack

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Published: June 14, 2024

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shopify one-click upsell

Upselling is a proven strategy in Shopify and eCommerce to increase your average order value (AOV) and boost your bottom line. But what if you could streamline the upselling process, making it even more convenient for both you and your customers?

This is where Shopify one-click upsell comes in, a powerful tool that allows customers to seamlessly add complementary items to their existing order with a single click.

In this article, we'll break down what one-click upselling is, why it outshines other techniques, how to implement it step-by-step, and strategies to craft offers that drive conversions. Let’s check it out!

1. What is 1 click upsell?

1.1. Definition

In a nutshell, a one-click upsell in Shopify is a post-purchase offer presented to customers right after checkout, but before they reach the thank you page.
Shopify one click upsell example

Shopify one click upsell example

This is where Shopify one-click upsell shines compared to traditional upselling methods. Customers don't need to re-enter payment details; they can simply accept the offer with a single click. This frictionless experience translates to exceptionally high conversion rates.

1.2. Benefits

The benefits of one-click upselling are compelling:

  • Increased Revenue: By enticing customers to add complementary items, you boost your average order value (AOV) and overall revenue.
  • Improved Profit Margins: One-click upsells can significantly impact your profit margins without requiring additional investment in customer acquisition.
  • Reduced Dead Stock: Offer slow-moving inventory at a discount to recoup costs and clear out your shelves.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Relevant and complementary upsells can actually improve the customer experience by suggesting products they might have missed.

1.3. Differences between Shopify one-click upsell and other types

Before diving in, let's refresh our memory by answering the question, “What is upsell in Shopify?”.

In essence, it's a technique to nudge customers towards higher-value items, complementary products, or upgrades. It's a powerful tool to boost your average order value (AOV).
Now, upselling comes in various flavors. One-click upselling is a specific approach with distinct advantages. 
Let's explore how it differs from the pack:

Traditional Upselling

Shopify One-Click Upsell

Presentation Timing

  • Throughout the customer journey (product pages, cart, etc.)

  • Post-purchase, before the thank you page


  • Flexible placement
  • Wider upsell options (warranties, services, etc.)

  • Frictionless checkout experience
  • High conversion rates due to one-click convenience
  • Ideal for boosting AOV with relevant add-ons or clearing excess inventory


  • Requires navigating away from checkout flow, potentially causing friction 

  • Limited to post-checkout window
  • Upsell options restricted to high relevance with initial purchase

Overall, one-click upselling is a powerful Shopify feature that lets you present post-purchase offers to customers before they reach the thank you page. Now that we understand the concept, let's explore how to create effective one-click upsells!

2. How to do one click upsell on Shopify

Currently, there's no built-in functionality within the Shopify dashboard to create one-click upsells.

If you have advanced coding knowledge or hire a developer, you can create a custom solution for one-click upselling. However, this approach can be expensive and time-consuming compared to using an app.

Therefore, Shopify one-click upsell apps have become the most common and recommended approach. These apps integrate seamlessly with Shopify and provide user-friendly interfaces for creating and managing one-click upsell offers.

In this article, we will provide valuable and actionable information for most Shopify store owners to create app-based one-click upsells. Let’s get started!

2.1. Choose your upselling apps

  • Head to the Shopify App Store: Search for "Product Upsell" to discover a variety of apps specializing in one-click upsells.
Shopify one click upsell apps

Shopify one click upsell apps

  • Explore and Compare:  Browse the search results, carefully reading app descriptions and reviews. Pay close attention to features (pre-built templates, A/B testing), pricing, and target audience to find the best fit for your needs.
  • Choose Your Upsells Partner: Select the app that aligns perfectly with your Shopify upsells and install it.
  • Pro tip: 

    The Shopify App Store offers a vast selection of upsell apps. Don't be afraid to explore beyond the initial search results to find the perfect match for your store.

    You can check a list of top-rated Shopify upsell apps with Qikify here!

2.2. Create Shopify one-click upsell campaigns

While the specific process will vary depending on the app you choose, most one-click upsell apps will require you to consider these factors when creating your campaign:

#1. Select product

This initial step sets the stage for success. You can choose to upsell products that are highly relevant to the customer's initial purchase. Here are some strategic options:

  • Complementary items: Offer essential or enticing add-ons that enhance the initial purchase. Think phone cases for new phones, cleaning supplies for a vacuum cleaner, or batteries for a new camera.
  • Inventory clearance: Move slow-moving inventory by offering them at a discount as upsells. 

#2. Setup design

Now that you've selected the perfect product, it's time to craft an offer that entices customers to click "add to cart" with a single click. Here's the secret sauce:

  • Clear image: Showcase the upsell product with a high-quality, eye-catching image.
  • Concise description: Briefly explain the product's benefits and how it enhances the initial purchase. Focus on value, not just features.
  • Attractive pricing: Consider discounts or special offers for the upsell item to incentivize a quick purchase.

#3. Choose position

Last but not least, you need to determine where within the post-purchase flow you want the upsell to appear (above or below the "add to cart" button) - some apps offer flexibility in placement.

2.3. Refine and test

Most upselling apps allow you to A/B test different offer variations (e.g., pricing, product combinations, visuals) to see what resonates best with your audience.

By following these steps and continuously optimizing your one-click upsell strategy, you can effectively increase your average order value and boost your Shopify sales. Now, let's dive into some practical tips to build successful one-click upsell campaigns!

3. Tips for effective one-click upsells

3.1. Delve into customer intent

shopify tips for one click upsells

Buy more with just one click

Understanding customer intent goes beyond just the initial purchase. Look for additional clues:
  • Product reviews: Analyze customer reviews of the purchased product. Identify common pain points or frustrations mentioned. Can your upsell address these issues?
  • Browse behavior: If your app offers insights into browsing behavior, leverage it! Did the customer view similar products before purchasing? Recommend upsell products that complement their broader interest.
  • Search queries: Analyze internal search queries to understand what customers are actively looking for. If relevant search terms align with your upsell products, highlight their benefits in the offer.

3.2. Create personalization

Many upsell apps offer advanced targeting options. Let’s take personalization to the next level:
  • Demographics & interests: If your app allows, segment your audience based on demographics (age, location) or interests. This can help tailor upsell offers to specific customer profiles (e.g., upselling travel accessories to younger customers who purchased a backpack).
  • Purchase frequency: Consider upsell strategies based on purchase frequency. Offer higher-value upsells to frequent buyers who demonstrate brand loyalty.
  • Past upsell behavior: Did a customer previously accept or decline an upsell offer? Analyze their behavior and tailor future upsells accordingly.

3.3. Highlight added value

Go beyond just listing features. To enhance Shopify one-click upsell campaigns, you can use storytelling to connect with your customer on an emotional level:
  • Paint a picture: Describe how the upsell product enhances the customer's experience. For example, if upselling a phone case, showcase how it protects their new phone while expressing their personal style.
  • Solve a problem: Position the upsell product as the solution to a potential problem related to the initial purchase. For example, upsell a screen protector to address the worry of accidental screen scratches.
  • Focus on benefits, not just features: Don't just list technical specifications. Explain how those features translate into real-world benefits for the customer.

3.4. Optimize positioning & design

shopify upsell at checkout
Example of Shopify one-click upsell placement
A/B testing is your playground! It is a great idea to experiment with various elements to find the perfect combination:
  • Offer placement: Test above or below the "add to cart" button, or even explore sidebar placements depending on your app's functionality.
  • Visual success: You can optimize the size and arrangement of the upsell image, description, and pricing.

3.5. Create urgency and scarcity 

A/B testing is your playground! It is a great idea to experiment with various elements to find the perfect combination:
You can use them ethically with these ideas:
  • Limited-time offers: Highlight special promotions or discounts available only for a specific timeframe. Phrases like "Get 20% off this cleaning kit today!" can create a sense of urgency without being pushy.
  • Limited quantities: If you have a limited stock of a particular upsell item, you can mention it to nudge customers towards a quick decision.

3.6. Keep it simple & straightforward

Helpful tips shopify one click upsell

Clear and easy-to-understand upselling offer example

One-click upsell Shopify thrives on ease and convenience. Here's how to ensure a seamless experience:
  • Concise & clear offer: Avoid overloading customers with information. Present your upsell offer in a clear, concise, and easy-to-understand manner. Focus on the key benefits and value proposition.
  • Simple Call to Action (CTA): Don't get fancy with the CTA button. Use clear and action-oriented text like "Add to Cart" or "Upgrade Now" to guide customers toward a frictionless one-click purchase.

3.7. Build trust & social proof

You can showcase customer testimonials or reviews for your Shopify one-click upsell product to build trust and social proof. This reassures potential customers of the product's value and encourages them to take the plunge.
With a solid foundation in place, we learned some practical tips to design one-click upsells that customers can't resist. Now, it’s time to move to the next part and see real-world examples from Shopify stores to spark your inspiration.
  • Protip: 

    Check more helpful tips to boost upsell conversion with social proofs with us!

4. Real-world examples of Shopify one-click upsell

In this part, we will delve into two real-world examples that showcase the effectiveness of one-click upsell campaigns.
Example 1: BeeFriendly Skincare - Stock Up and Save
One click upsell example

BeeFriendly Skincare Store 

Imagine you're browsing an online store and falling in love with a new face serum. As you add it to your cart, a tempting offer pops up: buy 3 more serums for the price of 2!

This is the magic of Shopify's one-click upsells in action. BeeFriendly Skincare leverages this strategy perfectly.

By understanding customer behavior (people often like to stock up on skincare products they love), they present a compelling Shopify one-click upsell that builds upon the initial purchase decision.
Example 2: Frank Kern's Book Funnell - Take the Next Step
Let's say you're an entrepreneur who just bought Frank Kern's introductory book on attracting clients. As you finish the book, feeling motivated, you're presented with an upsell for his "Reframe" Masterclass. This upsell is a perfect example of building upon the initial purchase.
Best practices one-click upselling

Example of Frank Kern's Book

The book piqued your interest in client acquisition, and the masterclass offers a clear next step: learning how to close those deals. This upsell is relevant, and timely, and addresses a specific pain point you might have after reading the book.

These two examples highlight the power of Shopify one-click upsell in online stores. By understanding your customer's journey and offering relevant products that enhance their initial purchase, you can create upsells that are both enticing and valuable. 

5. Highly recommended apps for Shopify one-click upsell

5.1. Koala Bundles Quantity Breaks

Shopify one-click upsell app

Koala Bundles Quantity Breaks

This one-click upsell Shopify app is a powerful tool for Shopify stores looking to increase sales through strategic upselling and bundling. It integrates smoothly with most themes and boasts a user-friendly interface.

Here's what makes Koala stand out:

  • Increase average order value (AOV) with product bundles, volume discounts, and quantity breaks.
  • Drive additional sales after checkout with Shopify one-click upsell.
  • Tailor deals with your strategy using an intuitive editor.
  • Gain insights into your upsell and bundle strategy with reports.

5.2. AfterSell Post Purchase Upsell

Shopify cart upsell app

AfterSell Post Purchase Upsell

If you're looking for a user-friendly app to boost your Shopify store's AOV through strategic upsells and thank you page optimization, AfterSell is definitely worth considering.

Here is what AfterSell offers:

  • Present tempting offers Shopify upsell at checkout to customers after they've completed their initial purchase.
  • One-click functionality allows for a smooth buying experience without needing to re-enter payment information.
  • Upsell and down-sell options let you cater to different customer preferences and budgets.

5.3. ReConvert Post Purchase Upsell

ReConvert Post Purchase Upsell
ReConvert Post Purchase Upsell

ReConvert is a Shopify app designed to help you increase your average order value (AOV) by offering upsells and cross-sells after checkout.

Here's what sets it apart:

  • Create Shopify one-click upsells, post-purchase upsells, and discounted upsells.
  • Target specific upsells to different customer groups for better results.
  • Track upsell performance and optimize your strategy for maximum impact.
  • Works smoothly with Shopify checkout and thank you pages.

6. Other Shopify Upsell Techniques

We've explored some great apps to implement Shopify one-click upsell campaigns, but there's a whole world of upselling strategies beyond that!

Here are additional upselling techniques to consider for your Shopify store:

  • Pre-purchase upsells:

Before a customer even reaches checkout, you can present them with relevant upsell options on product pages or in your cart upsell. Highlight complementary products or upgrades that enhance the value of their initial purchase.

  • Thank you page upsells:

Don't neglect the upsell potential after a customer completes their purchase! Thank you pages are a prime location to offer relevant upsells or product bundles. So why don’t you leverage the excitement of their initial purchase to nudge them towards additional items?

Thank you page one click upsell on Shopify

Thank you page one click upsell on Shopify

  • Free shipping threshold upsells:

It is highly recommended to motivate customers to spend more by offering free shipping when their order reaches a specific threshold. This incentivizes them to add upsell items to their cart and qualify for free shipping.

  • Subscription upsells:

For products with recurring needs (e.g., razors, pet supplies), you can consider offering subscription options as upsells. It can lock in recurring revenue and boost customer lifetime value.

  • Check out more effective ideas and helpful insights for Shopify upsell campaigns with us!

7. The Last Words

Shopify one-click upsells are a powerful post-purchase upsell strategy that can significantly increase your store's average order value (AOV). By offering relevant products to customers immediately after they complete their purchase, you can optimize your conversion rates and maximize revenue. One-click upsells are an essential component of effective upsell funnels and can be used in conjunction with other strategies like cross-selling to create a comprehensive approach to boosting sales.

This guide covers everything you need to know:

  • What it is: Effortlessly suggest add-on items at Shopify one-click checkout.
  • Benefits: Increased revenue, improved profit margins, reduced dead stock, and happier customers with relevant product suggestions.
  • How to do it: Use user-friendly Shopify apps like Qikify to create Shopify one-click upsells.
  • Crafting irresistible offers: Understand customer intent, personalize offers, highlight value, optimize design, build trust, and keep it simple.

Ready to take action? Try one-click upselling today and watch your sales soar!

8. Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Shopify allow upselling? 

Shopify itself doesn't have built-in functionality for upsells. However, Shopify does allow upselling through:

  • Shopify apps: There are many user-friendly apps available in the Shopify App Store that can help you create and manage upsell campaigns.
  • Custom development: If you have advanced coding knowledge or hire a developer, you can create a custom solution for one-click upselling within Shopify. This approach can be expensive and time-consuming compared to using an app.

2. What is an example of a one-click upsell? 

Imagine you're buying a new phone case on Shopify. You add it to your cart and head to checkout. Before you confirm your order, a pop-up appears offering a screen protector at a discounted price.

The offer appears after you've added the phone case to your cart, but before you complete the checkout process. With a single click, you can add the screen protector to your order without re-entering your payment information.

This is a one-click upsell.

3. What is an example of upselling on Shopify? 

Upselling is the art of subtly suggesting higher-priced items or upgrades to customers who are already making a purchase.

Let's say you've just purchased a new pair of running shoes on Shopify. After completing your order, you're directed to the thank you page. Here, you see a section showcasing premium moisture-wicking socks.

The store leverages your excitement about the new shoes by suggesting relevant accessories that enhance your running experience. This is a strategic placement as you're already in a purchasing mindset.

4. How do you calculate upsell?

The upsell rate is how often customers buy extra stuff with their purchase. There are two ways to calculate it, depending on your data:

  • Orders: Divide the number of orders with upsells by total orders (as a percentage).
  • Revenue: Divide upsell revenue by total revenue (as a percentage).

You can segment your upsell rate by product category, customer type, or other relevant factors to gain deeper insights.

Whichever method you choose, be consistent in your calculations to track trends over time.

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