Shopify Thank You Page - How To Optimize And Increase Sales?

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Published: Mar 1, 2024

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How to optimize shopify thank you page

Okay, let's face it – a generic "Thanks for your order!" page just isn't going to cut it anymore. Many Shopify merchants overlook a golden opportunity: Shopify Thank You page. This page is your chance to turn a first-time customer into a loyal, returning buyer – a far more cost-effective strategy than constantly chasing new leads. It's where you leave them feeling appreciated, excited about their purchase, and eager to shop with you again.

It's not just about saying thanks (although that's important too!). A well-crafted Thank You page can seriously boost customer loyalty, increase sales, and give your brand that extra touch that sets you apart.

Get ready to transform your Shopify Thank You page! This article is your guide to understanding why it's important and how to make it work for you. We'll cover easy-to-follow tips and even some top tool recommendations. Let's turn your Thank You page into a sales-boosting asset!

What is Shopify Thank You Page?

The Shopify Thank You page (also called the Order Confirmation page) is the page your customers see immediately after they complete a purchase in your store. It's designed to do a few essential things:

  • Confirm the order: Gives the customer peace of mind that their order went through successfully.
  • Provide order details: Includes an order summary, shipping information, and tracking details (if available).
  • Express gratitude: A simple "thank you" goes a long way in building customer relationships.

Beyond the Basics

While the default Shopify Thank You page gets the job done, it's a missed opportunity! A well-optimized Thank You page can:
  • Encourage repeat purchases: Through special offers, coupons, or related product recommendations.
  • Build customer loyalty: Promote your social media channels or newsletter to stay connected.
  • Boost brand awareness: Make it easy for customers to share their purchases.
  • Gather customer feedback: Include a short survey or feedback form to gain valuable insights.
  • Reassure customer support: Provide easy access to your contact information for any questions or concerns.

Let's get started! In the next sections, we'll dive into the detailed benefits of a great Shopify Thank You page and how to transform yours into a customer-winning asset.
Satisfied customer when buying online

An optimized Thank You Page can bring so much potential to your sales. 

Why Optimize Your Shopify Thank You Page? Key Benefits

Your Shopify Thank You page has hidden potential as a powerful sales and customer relationship tool. Here's why you should pay attention to this often-overlooked page:

  1. Boost Repeat Purchases: A well-crafted Thank You page encourages customers to return. Special offers, discounts, or loyalty programs presented at this point are extra enticing after they've already committed to a purchase.
  2. Increase Average Order Value (AOV): Suggest related products or complementary items based on what they just bought. This post-purchase upsell opportunity can significantly increase the value of each customer's order.
  3. Drive Referrals and Social Proof: Make it easy for customers to share their purchases on social media. Happy customers are your best advocates, and this builds brand awareness organically.
  4. Enhance Customer Satisfaction: A personalized thank you, combined with easy access to shipping updates and customer support, builds trust and goodwill. Happy customers are far more likely to become loyal customers.
  5. Nurture Leads: Provide links to helpful resources, signup forms for your newsletter, or ways to connect with you on social media. This keeps the conversation going and creates potential for future sales.

  • The Psychology Behind It

A well-crafted Shopify Thank You page taps into positive emotions and addresses practical customer needs in the crucial post-purchase moments. Let's find out why an optimized Shopify Thank You Page is full of potential considering the psychology matters! By truly understanding about the customers behaviors, merchants can create an exceptional buying experience.

  • Validation and Reassurance: After clicking "Buy Now," customers may experience a brief flicker of doubt. A clear order confirmation, shipping details, and easy-to-find support options offer reassurance, validating their decision to buy from you. This builds trust and confidence in your brand.
  • Excitement and Anticipation: Don't let the purchase momentum fade! Product recommendations and teasers for upcoming promotions keep customers engaged and excited about their purchase. This fuels anticipation for their package to arrive, making the unboxing experience even more satisfying.
  • Feeling Appreciated: A personalized thank-you message, especially one that goes beyond the generic, makes customers feel genuinely valued. This positive emotion strengthens the customer-brand connection, making them more likely to return.
  • Sense of Empowerment: Offering surveys or simple feedback options lets customers feel heard. This demonstrates your commitment to their experience and builds a sense of shared ownership in your brand's success. This taps into the psychological desire for agency.
  • Frictionless Experience: Ensure the Thank You page loads quickly and provides easy access to shipping updates, customer support, and other helpful resources. This minimizes the need for customers to search for help elsewhere, reducing potential frustration and reinforcing a positive brand impression.

So, how to Customize Shopify Thank You Page?

While every Shopify store is unique, there are key strategies for turning your Thank You page into a powerful customer engagement tool:

1. Core Elements

  • Genuine Gratitude: Go beyond a generic "thanks." Personalize your message to show your appreciation for their purchase.
  • Order Confirmation: Display a clear summary of their order, including shipping/tracking information, creating peace of mind.
  • Reassurance: Highlight your contact info. If customers need help, they should know how to reach you quickly.
  • Brand Consistency: Colors, fonts, and general design shouldn't feel jarringly different from the rest of your store.

2. Opportunities for Upsells and Cross-sells

  • Product Recommendations: Handpick items that complement what the customer already bought. ("You Might Also Like..." is a great way to introduce this.)
  • Discounts or Special Offers: Entice them to come back with a coupon code for their next purchase. Time-limited offers add urgency.

3. Building Customer Relationships

  • Social Sharing: Add easy-to-use social buttons so customers can share their finds, organically spreading awareness.
  • Feedback: A short-and-sweet survey or form shows you care about their experience and can provide valuable business insights.
  • Newsletter Signup: Don't just let them leave! Offer a way to stay in touch with updates, promotions, and exclusive content.

4. Additional Optimizations

  • Follow-up: Let customers know what to expect next such as: Do they need to manually contact the store for the purchase tracking or there will be an order ID sent to them through email for tracking, etc. Provide links to helpful content like product setup guides or usage tips to maximize the value of their purchase.
  • Customer Data Collection: Carefully consider adding optional fields to gather more information (like birthdays). This must be balanced with respecting customer privacy.

  • Tips:

    Use A/B testing tools to try different variations of your Thank You page. Track which elements lead to the best results and refine your page over time!

Building long-term relationships with customers is crucial for sustainable sales growth. Remember, even after a purchase is confirmed, customers retain the right to cancel or return. That's why Shopify merchants must optimize the entire customer journey, providing excellent post-purchase care to cultivate loyalty. Shockingly, up to 80% of customers churn within the first 100 days (according to Joey Coleman's "Never Lose A Customer Again"). This highlights the urgency of crafting a strategic approach to customer retention.
custom shopify thank you page

We can customize Shopify Thank You Page with trusted badges or custom banners. 

Our Recommended Best Shopify Thank You Page Apps

Transforming your Shopify Thank You page doesn't have to be complicated. We highly recommend using third-party apps for quick implementation and powerful features. Best of all, these apps require no coding skills – easily customize your Thank You page in minutes using drag-and-drop editors or pre-built templates. These recommended apps give you the flexibility to add eye-catching elements, promote offers, and build customer loyalty.
Qikify Checkout Customizer

Plan: $0 - $99/month. Free plan available for both Non-Shopify Plus and Shopify Plus. 

Key Features: Create extensions in Thank you Page (and Checkout, Order Status page) with trusted badges, image carousel, custom banner, custom buttons to increase conversion rate, sales. 


Plan: $0 - $29.99/month. Charge by the number of orders

Key Features: Customize the thank you page with reviews, FAQs, and additional offers to build stronger relationships and generate more revenue. 


Plan: $0 - $14.99/month. Charge by the number of orders with extra 0.75% fee of the revenue generated by the app. 

Key Features: Transform the thank you page from an exit gate to a revenue-generating page with sections of: upsell, cross-sell, pop ups, birthday collection, timers, surveys, order tracking widgets.  


Plan: $0 - $14.99/month. Charge by the number of orders.

Key Features: Add product recommendations, collect more information from customers such as birthdays, offer discounts, surveys or quizzes at thank you page to increase sales, AOV or improve the engagement with them.


Plan: $9.99/month. No free plan but 14-day free trial for the Premium plan. 

Key Features: With several tools, you can restrict proxy connection access, capture customers' birthdays and upsell slow-moving items on the thank you page.

Conclusion: It's Time to Level Up Your Shopify Thank You Page

Let's be honest, a basic "Thanks for your order" message won't impress anyone. Your Shopify Thank You page is valuable real estate in your store, and it's waiting to be unlocked! By implementing the strategies we've covered, you'll see a difference in customer engagement, loyalty, and ultimately, increased sales.

Think of your Shopify Thank You page as the final handshake after a great business deal. You want to leave a lasting, positive impression that makes customers excited to return. Are you ready to transform yours?

Here's a quick recap of the essentials:

  • Show genuine appreciation. Thank customers sincerely for their trust.
  • Provide clear order details. This builds confidence in their purchase.
  • Make the next steps easy. Offer seamless customer support and promote ways to stay connected with your brand.

The best part? Optimizing your Thank You page is a low-cost, high-reward endeavor. With some thoughtful updates and the right tools, you'll reap the benefits for a long time to come. Let's get started!

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