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Published: Jan 29, 2024

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Upgrade To Checkout Extensibility

For Shopify Plus merchants, one of the most critical updates from Shopify to be aware of currently is the Checkout.liquid deprecation. According to Shopify's official announcement, they will replace Checkout.liquid entirely with Checkout Extensibility during 2024. Therefore, merchants still using Checkout.liquid should prepare for the upgrade to Checkout Extensibility to ensure their checkout page functions smoothly and maintains optimal performance. 

Understanding Checkout Extensibility, reviewing the current Checkout.liquid, and finding suitable alternative solutions may pose challenges and time constraints. Recognizing this, the Qikify Team is launching a free expert consulting service to assist Shopify Plus merchants in transitioning to Checkout Extensibility. 

If you're seeking a convenient and effective way to upgrade your checkout page seamlessly, continue reading for details about our offer.

How is the process when merchants upgrade to Checkout Extensibility by themselves?

Here is the standard process when Shopify Plus merchants upgrade to Checkout Extensibility from Checkout.liquid by themselves. 

1. Understand the Checkout Extensibility

Merchants cannot upgrade to Checkout Extensibility without first gaining insights into its functionalities. This feature stands out as one of the vital and exclusive benefits tailored by Shopify for Shopify Plus merchants. Given the substantial effort invested in its development and continuous upgrades, there's a wealth of information to grasp about Checkout Extensibility.

2. Review the current Checkout.liquid

In this step, merchants must meticulously review their current Checkout.liquid to ensure not overlooking any customizations or page settings. Since this task involves coding expertise, developers should be entrusted with the responsibility. If merchants initially engaged freelancers or agencies for the Checkout.liquid update, this step may incur additional costs.

3. Defining the Project Scope and exploring alternative solutions

The complexity of the current checkout and expected requirements for the upgraded page using Checkout Extensibility determine the project scope. The more intricate the existing checkout or anticipated enhancements, the larger the scope of the project.

Additionally, researching the best alternative solutions for Checkout Extensibility can be time-consuming, especially if merchants aim to find options with similar functions within a reasonable budget.

4. Build and test your new checkout page

5. Deploy and optimize your new checkout page

How is the upgrade process with Qikify Team?

1. Contact us

Contact us to schedule an upgrade call and provide the necessary information for our review. We need only some fundamental details about your current checkout, including your store domain and any additional requirements for the upcoming upgraded checkout page. 

2. Wait for our review on your current checkout

Qikify Team will review your checkout page within 3-5 working days (depending on the complexity of your current checkout or specific requirements)

3. Our suggested Upgrade plan

We will respond with our plan for the alternative solutions from Checkout Extensibility that align with your current checkout and meet your requirements while considering budget constraints and desired functions.

4. Addressing any of your concerns

We'll engage in a detailed discussion, addressing any concerns you may have, providing comprehensive support during a call.

So what’s the difference and why should merchants choose Qikify?

Minimize Time, Potential Budget Incurred for Code Review

With the support of experts from the Qikify Team, we believe it can significantly reduce the time required for understanding Checkout Extensibility, reviewing the code in Checkout.liquid, and researching the best alternative solutions. Additionally, in scenarios where merchants plan to engage freelancers or agencies for Checkout.liquid code review, our assistance can lead to cost savings. Merchants only incur charges for the subscription fee associated with app-based solutions.

Why Should Merchants Choose Qikify?

  • Confidence in our Understanding: We are confident in our deep understanding of this aspect. As one of the first partners invited by Shopify to develop Checkout Extensibility solutions, we have a robust background.
  • Proven Experience: With over six years of service to more than 50,000 Shopify merchants, we bring substantial experience to the table. Our expertise is reflected in the development of Qikify Checkout Customizer, a solution enabling Plus merchants to fully customize their checkout page. This app is certified as "Built for Shopify" with a top rating of 5.0/5, serving over 1,600 Shopify Plus merchants, showcasing our proficiency and commitment to excellence.

upgrade to checkout extensibility today!

Upgrading to Checkout Extensibility is essential for Shopify Plus merchants that are still using Checkout.liquid. Don’t wait until your checkout page is messed up! 

Schedule to upgrade to Checkout Extensibility with us here.

Upgrade shopify checkout extensibility

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