How to add popup on Shopify store?

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Published: Nov 9, 2023

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How to add Shopify popup

Getting traffic to your eCommerce store is one of the primary goals. However, keeping them on the site and captivating their attention at the right moment can make all the difference. Many Shopify merchants might be aware of this and are now seeking information on how to add popup on Shopify store. Popups come into play as useful tools for Shopify store owners. They can help collect leads, offer promotions, provide information and announcements, enhance engagement, and convert visitors into customers. 

In this article, we will guide you through the necessary knowledge about Shopify popups, how to create and optimize them. Let's dive in and elevate your store's user experience to sell better.

What is a Shopify popup and how it works?

You probably already have some idea about Shopify popups since you ended up here looking for info on them. But to sum up the most basic understanding, let's quickly run through what a popup is in general and its operational algorithm of how it works.

A Shopify pop up typically presents as a small window, constituting a graphical user interface display area. Its functionality hinges on the specific message and content it conveys. This can range from providing essential store information, extending enticing discount offers, presenting subscription opportunities, to facilitating quick surveys. Their appearance is controlled by distinct trigger settings, which are commonly observed as follows:

  • Time-based trigger, occurring after a certain loading time
  • Scroll-based trigger, activating after a specified percentage of scrolling
  • Exit intent trigger, strategically deployed based on the cursor movements when visitors are about to leave the website
  • Click-to-open trigger, engaging users upon interaction

Shopify Popup Example

A Shopify popup typically presents as a small window

In the realm of e-commerce, Shopify popups serve as powerful tools, empowering Shopify merchants to deliver laser-focused messages, amass invaluable leads, and spur action in an innovative manner. Well-crafted Shopify pop up have the potential to drive a significant surge in store conversion rates, ultimately propelling sales to new heights.

Types Of Shopify Popup 

There are various types of popups designed for application on Shopify stores. To help store owners choose the most effective ones for their businesses, we'll categorize them into two main groups: 

1. By Goals and Functions

1.1 Collecting Leads and Information

With this type of Shopify popup, store owners can opt to gather leads through email or phone contacts. Some also utilize popups for customer surveys.

Shopify newsletter popup example

Popups to collect emails as valuable leads

1.2 Boost Sales 

This involves offering special promotions and discount codes to enhance conversion rates or to encourage upselling and cross-selling of products. Store owners can also use popups to create the urgency, FOMO with sold count to push visitors complete their purchase earlier.

Discount popups with time countdown

Offer visitor a discount code with time countdown to convert more

1.3 Reducing Cart Abandonment

Here, the popup serves to remind visitors about items left in their carts without completing a purchase. Store owners can also set the popup as a cart countdown to create a sense of urgency.

1.4 Making Announcements

Popups can function as a means to communicate important information from the store. This may include details about upcoming promotional campaigns or new product launches.

BFCM popup with time countdown

Popup shows information about the Black Friday promotion

1.5 Gamification

This strategy is becoming more prevalent in eCommerce. Store owners can incorporate small games, such as a lucky wheel, within the popup, offering small prizes to better engage visitors and reignite their interest during the shopping experience.

Luckly wheel popup on Shopify

The lucky wheel popup for visitor to play and earn a free gift

1.6 Social Proof

Popups can enhance the website's credibility by displaying notifications of recent purchases, visitor counts, and ultimately building trust.

Discount popups with time countdown
The recent purchase notification pops up when browsing

2. By Trigger Settings

2.1 Exit Intent

The Shopify exit intent popup is activated based on tracking cursor movements, triggered when visitors approach the "exit" or click-back button.

Learn more about how to create Shopify exit intent popup here!

2.2 Time-based Popup

This type of popup appears after a specific loading time. Store owners might want to use this popup in case of indecisive customers who need more time to complete their purchase. 

2.3 Scrolling Popup

Depending on the visitor's scrolling action, the popup will be triggered and appear. For instance, when visitors have scrolled to the end of the website or up to three-quarters of the page, the popup will activate.

2.4 Action Trigger

The popups can be triggered by the actions of visitors, such as clicking on a specific place or button on the site. This type of popup can have a better engagement rate, as visitors are more aware that a popup might appear due to their clicking action.

How to add a popup to Shopify?

Indeed, popups can be entirely crafted using code. However, providing specific guidance for coding may vary depending on the individual coder's approach. It's worth considering this option only if you have significant coding experience and skill. Otherwise, we highly recommend utilizing the features available in the Shopify theme or apps to avoid any potential disruptions to your store's codebase.

Let's find out how to add a pop up on Shopify! 

Create popup using Shopify Theme

Certain paid Shopify themes come with built-in options for creating and customizing popups. If your theme supports popups, the process in Shopify Editor is straightforward:

1. Navigate to Online Store (in the Sales channels section) > Themes > Customize.

2. In the Editor, locate the section for Popups. Here, you can adjust every aspect of the popup, including content and styles, much like editing any other section of the page.

Shopify Editor
Access the Shopify Editor to create and customize popup

If your current theme doesn't offer a popup feature, consider exploring options in the Shopify Theme Store.

  • Protip

Keep in mind that if you only want to add the popup to your store and have no demand on change the store theme, it is not recommended to use Shopify Theme to create popup. Furthermore, a Shopify theme is not cheap at all with the price in the range of $150 - $390. 

Create a popup using Shopify Partners' App 

If you're truly committed to achieving specific goals with your popup, we strongly advise utilizing specialized popup apps from Shopify Partners. These apps offer a wider range of prebuilt popup types along with dedicated analytics sections for tracking performance and optimizing results. While Shopify themes allow for the creation of a limited set of common popups, they lack a built-in section for reporting data.

Furthermore, the cost of a Shopify popup app varies, with options ranging from free to starting at $4 for a paid plan.

The process of creating popups in Shopify Apps is fairly uniform and straightforward across different apps. Here, we'll use the interface of qikify Sales Pop Up & Proof to illustrate. The process is similar in other apps as well.

Step 1: Choose a Suitable App on the Shopify App Store

When you search for "popup" in the Shopify App Store, you'll find a selection of up to 558 apps to choose from. Some apps offer only 1 or 2 types of popups, while others provide a variety of options along with additional useful features like A/B testing and reporting.

Shopify Popup App On App Store
The results for search term "popup" on Shopify App Store

Step 2: Define the Purpose of Your Popup

Depending on your specific campaigns or business strategies, you can customize the popup to serve different objectives. This could involve providing enticing discounts, collecting valuable leads, expanding your mailing list, or sharing information about upcoming campaigns.

Types of Shopify popup
Choose your type of popup depending on the final goal

Step 3: Add Content and Personalize the Design

Similar to creating other types of popups, this step involves filling in the content and tailoring the design to match your brand's style. Remember, a popup's effectiveness relies on its ability to grab visitors' attention, achieved through a compelling headline and eye-catching design.

Settings for the Shopify popup
Create the style and content for your Shopify popup

Step 4: Set Trigger Settings

In this step, select the trigger settings for the popup. 

Trigger settings for Shopify popup
Choose the trigger setting for your Shopify popup

How to optimize Shopify Popup?

1. Optimize Your Popups with A/B Testing and Analytics

Your initial popup version may not yield the best results right away. Utilize crucial data like engagement and conversion rates to make gradual improvements. 

For example, implement the first content and design set for one week, then try a slightly different design the following week. Evaluate the results after another week to see if the new design captures visitors' attention more effectively.

  • Protip:

When conducting tests, make sure to only change one aspect at a time. Otherwise, it can be difficult to pinpoint which change had an impact. This principle applies to testing in any context, not just with popups.

Though the process of gradual optimization may require some time, it ensures enhanced performance. The majority of Shopify Apps come equipped with testing and analytics capabilities right in their platform, making the process smoother. On the other hand, manually creating popups through coding or Shopify themes can be more intricate. This is why we strongly advise utilizing a Shopify App.

2. Caution in Determining When, Where, and for Whom to Display Popups

  • When to display the popup: Upon first landing, during exit intent, or after a specific time on the site.
  • Where: On all pages or specific ones.
  • Who: Display to everyone, only new visitors, or returning buyers.

A well-thought-out and detailed plan is likely to yield better results than randomly deploying popups across your entire store for every visitor. Tailor the popups to different traffic segments, consider their placement, and pay attention to the timing of their appearance. While creating distinct popups for each occasion may require more time and effort, it's bound to yield more positive outcomes.

For instance, consider using a welcome popup to introduce the latest product to first-time visitors. Offer a discount code or remind visitors about items in their cart through an exit intent popup for those who haven't completed their order. Additionally, creating a lucky wheel to engage idle visitors on your site can be a great idea to enhance their shopping experience.

3. Consider the Popup Frequency

Popups can quickly become irritating if they appear too frequently and unexpectedly. Be mindful of how often the popup shows up. Typically, you can adjust this setting using options like 'Repeat' or 'Frequency' depending on the app you're using.

Learn more about the Shopify discount popup here. 


So with this article, we have show you how to add pop up to Shopify store and other foundations, tips when using popups. Though a popup may seem like a small addition, using it thoughtfully with a detailed plan and gradual optimization can yield significant benefits for your store. It enhances customer engagement, promotes more organically, increases visitor-to-customer conversions, and aids in building your mailing list. It's crucial to have a solid understanding of popups, how they function, and their full potential. 

Remember, patience in optimization is key, much like your journey in eCommerce. Success requires effort and dedication. Follow our tips for a more assured path to success. 

You can give our app, qikify Sales Pop Up & Proof, a try to create your own Shopify popups for free. All features are available in the free plan. Experiment with it now, and if you see the desired results, consider scaling up.

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