Add Testimonials and Reviews on Shopify Checkout Page

Written by Liz Pham

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Published: Nov 8, 2023

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Add Testimonials and reviews on Shopify checkout

You've carefully crafted your product pages, optimized your checkout process, and even offered attractive discounts. But there's still one hurdle to overcome: cart abandonment. In fact, the average cart abandonment rate for online stores is a staggering 69.99%, according to Baymard InstituteSo, how do you convince customers to complete their purchases and turn those abandoned carts into sales? Let's find out about testimonials and reviews on Checkout page!

Qikify Checkout Customizer empowers you to take control of your Shopify checkout page and reduce cart abandonment, build trust by showcasing the testimonials and reviews directly to your checkout page. 

Why Shopify stores need to show product reviews on Checkout page?

As shoppers navigate towards the final step of their purchase journey, it's crucial to avoid distractions that could lead to cart abandonment. Seamlessly integrating reviews of the specific products in their cart provides a powerful form of social proof, offering the final nudge needed to complete the transaction. Unlike general product reviews, these targeted evaluations encompass the entire shopping experience, fostering trust and credibility without diverting attention away from the critical checkout process.

Benefits of showing product reviews on Shopify checkout

Show product reviews on Checkout page with Qikify Checkout Customizer

How to use show testimonials and reviews on your Shopify Checkout page? 

Step 1: Install Qikify Checkout Customizer app

Step 2: Open app > Go to "Manage Extensions" page > Select "Testimonials" extension

How to add testimonials on checkout page

Step 3: Customize testimonials and integrate to show product reviews

  • Display layout: Setting up the display layout and the number of testimonials displayed at a time.
  • Integration: If you are using others product review app to collect and display customers' feedbacks on other page, you can integrate with these app to populate the checkout page with collected reviews
  • Enable "Show review of exact product in cart summary" to show the reviews of added items in customers' carts.

Integrate review app for checkout page

Best Shopify product review apps can integrate with Qikify Checkout Customizer

To further enhance the your experience, Qikify Checkout Customizer seamlessly integrates with leading review platforms like and Alireviews. These platforms offer robust tools for collecting and managing customer reviews, ensuring you have a wealth of positive feedback to showcase on your checkout page. Let's explore!

Qikify integrated with review

Key features of

  • Seamless Integration: integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store, making it easy to add review widgets to your product pages, checkout page, and other key areas.
  • Multiple Review Options: Collect reviews through product pages, email requests, post-purchase popups, and more.
  • Automated Review Management: Automate review requests, respond to reviews, and moderate content easily.
  • Rich Product Reviews: Collect photos, videos, and star ratings alongside written reviews.
  • SEO Optimization: Get rich snippets and structured data to improve your search engine ranking.
  • Advanced Analytics: Track and analyze customer feedback to gain valuable insights.

Alireviews as partner of Qikify Checkout Customizer

Key features of Ali Reviews:

  • Effortless Review Collection: Utilize various methods like email requests, SMS, Facebook Messenger, QR codes, and more, to gather valuable feedback from your customers.
  • Stunning Review Widgets: Choose from a range of eye-catching widgets that integrate seamlessly with your store's design.
  • Automated Workflows: Automate review requests, reminders, and responses to streamline your workflow and save valuable time.
  • Powerful Discounts & Incentives: Encourage customers to write reviews by offering attractive discounts and rewards.
  • Import Reviews from AliExpress: Seamlessly import existing reviews from AliExpress to quickly build a strong review base for your store.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Gain valuable insights into customer sentiment, identify areas for improvement, and track the impact of your review strategy.

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