Step-by-step: How to remove "shipping calculated at checkout" on Shopify

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Published: Oct 30, 2023

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Ultimate guide to shopify checkout customizations

By default, your Shopify cart page might display a short notice that reads, “Taxes and shipping calculated at checkout". However, not every store collects these two fees, or they may collect them but prefer not to display them on the cart page. In such cases, store owners want to remove or modify this text. In this guideline, we will provide you with a step-by-step process on how to remove “shipping calculated at checkout” text from your Shopify store.

Step-by-step: How to remove “Shipping calculated at checkout” from the Cart page?

taxes and shipping calculated at checkout by default on shopify

"Taxes and shipping calculated at checkout" by default on Shopify

Step 1: Access the Editor of the default theme content

Go to the Shopify Store Admin > Sales channels > Online Store > Themes

On your currently active theme, click on the three-dot button > “Edit default theme content" to navigate to the editor of theme content.

access theme editor on shopify settings

Access the theme editor on Shopify settings

Step 2: Search for “Calculated at checkout"

In the search bar, type “calculated at checkout" to quickly filter the relevant sections. 

You might notice that the “Cart" sections resemble the screenshot below.
taxes and shipping calculated at checkout  on theme content

Search for the "calculated at checkout" on theme content

Step 3: Remove or modify the text

If you wish to remove all instances of 'Tax and shipping calculated at checkout,' simply delete the text in all four bars as shown below. Alternatively, if you want to modify the text to indicate that your store only charges for shipping or tax, you can edit the desired content directly within the bar.

remove shipping calculated at checkout on shopify theme content

Remove the information on Cart sections as desired

  • Protip:

    Make sure that you have updated the shipping settings/ options on the checkout accordingly with the modified settings.

Step 4: Save changes and re-check

Be sure to click on the 'Save' button before leaving the page. You can double-check if the setting has been updated correctly by adding some products to the cart and observing the result.

save to apply changes on theme content

Click "Save" to apply the updated settings

checkout page with no taxes and shipping calculated at checkout

Final step: Double-check to see if the changes are updated correctly


This is a small detail in your store's cart page but based on your business strategy, removing shipping calculated at checkout can improve the conversion rate if you want to reduce buying hesitation from customers for additional fees. Follow all the steps above to have your desired setting done easily with no coding. However, keep in mind that removing or editing the text is quite simple as presented. But also ensure to update all other relevant settings about shippings accordingly. 

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