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Ultimate guide to shopify checkout customizations

Navigating the world of Shopify themes is a crucial step for merchants seeking a seamless store-building experience. With the Shopify Theme Store and the option to install third-party themes, the platform caters to merchants of all levels and types. However, the sheer variety of options can pose a challenge in finding the Best Shopify Theme, turning theme selection into a time-consuming and potentially costly endeavor without a clear strategy. 

Understanding the intricacies of Shopify themes is essential for merchants looking to optimize their online presence. In this article, we delve into the vital information surrounding Shopify themes, providing comprehensive guidelines on how to choose the perfect fit for your store. The difficulty in selecting the right theme is a common concern, and we aim to address this issue by offering valuable insights and our top 10 recommended Shopify themes. There are some names to mention such as Be Yours Theme by RoarTheme, Minimog, Foxecom, etc. 

Embark on this journey with us to demystify the process, empower your decision-making, and discover the ideal Shopify theme that aligns seamlessly with your business goals

Shopify theme store

Shopify Themes Store

How to choose the Best Shopify Theme?

Broadly speaking, an eCommerce theme serves as a ready-made template for your store, allowing you to shape the storefront with customizable layouts and design elements without the need for coding skills. These templates come prebuilt by theme developers, empowering store owners to enhance brand aesthetics, including colors and copy, while also boosting sales through available features.

Shopify themes, essentially eCommerce themes tailored for stores powered by Shopify, provide a similar framework. Merchants can opt for either free themes offered by Shopify or paid themes developed by Shopify partners, depending on their business needs. Typically, free themes cover essential features but may have limitations on advanced customization options.

In summary, the core features of Shopify Themes include:

  • No-code Customizations, facilitating easy personalization.
  • Flexible Design Settings with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.
  • Fast Loading to meet stringent performance standards.
  • Accessible Storefronts, ensuring effortless navigation.
  • Dedicated Support, inclusive of free design assistance.
  • Built-in Features such as gift cards and discounts.

The list that helps you find the right theme

Initiate the process by meticulously outlining the requirements for your store:

1. Define Your Budget:

Clearly define the budget allocated for your Shopify theme. This step significantly narrows down your options. As we mentioned earlier, Shopify themes are available in both free and paid categories, with common price brackets ranging from under $100 to $250 and exceeding $350. While exclusive themes may surpass the $500 mark, such instances are less frequent in the market.

2. List Your Required Features:

Identify must-have features for your theme. Different themes offer varying features, often correlating with their price.

3. Consider Your Product Category:

Take a close look at the types and quantity of products you sell. Some themes are designed to work well for stores with lots of different products or various brand categories. 

For example, if your store mostly deals with large orders and has a lot of products, it's important to choose a theme that has a Bulk Editor. This tool helps you quickly and easily edit your products speedily and efficiently.

4. Evaluate Support Needs:

Assess your own experience, skills, and understanding in the eCommerce field. This evaluation helps you figure out the kind and amount of assistance needed from the theme developer. Whether you're just starting or have significant experience in eCommerce, having the appropriate level of support is essential for the seamless operation of your store.

5. Assess Customization Requirements:

Delve into the specifics of customization demands for your theme. Consider the elements that need customization to align seamlessly with your brand identity. This step ensures that your chosen theme not only meets functional requirements but also resonates with the unique aesthetic of your business.

6. Align with Your Selling Strategy:

Recognize and align your chosen theme with your overarching selling strategy. Different themes are designed to support varied selling approaches, such as those focusing on image-centric presentations or offering unique ways to showcase products. Aligning your theme with your specific selling strategy enhances the overall effectiveness of your online store.

shopify theme details

Details of a Shopify theme

  • Protip:

    It’s able to detect Shopify theme that is used by your competitors or by a store that you find inspiring. There are a lot of available tools to do it. Try one for yourself!

Top 10 Best Shopify Themes in 2024

Minimog Theme

Minimog Theme Preview

  • Price: $88
  • Features: Upsell features (product bundles, quantity discounts,...), Conversion-boosting features (Countdown timer, Lucky Wheel, Size chart, Preorder,...) 

Maximize your store's conversion rate with the robust Minimog Shopify Theme, renowned for its extensive array of features. Boasting over 70 ready-made demos catering to various industries, along with 18+ modern product pages and 16+ productive shop pages, Minimog offers versatility and functionality. This theme empowers merchants to enhance their stores and drive conversions effectively. Minimog has garnered certification as a weekly and monthly top-selling Shopify theme, earning the prestigious title of #1 rising star on Envato.

Zest theme

Zest Theme by Foxecom

  • Price: $250 USD 
  •  Best for: High-volume stores
  •  Features: Flexible mega menu, smart variant view, quick add-to-cart, advanced filter, and search. 

The Zest Theme, developed by Foxecom, stands out as a mobile-optimized solution with a special emphasis on crucial features for cart functionality, seamless checkout experiences, effective marketing, strategic merchandising, and enhanced product discovery. Packed with essentials like a sticky cart for convenient shopping, in-store pickup options, dynamic blogs for engaging content, product reviews for informed decision-making, recommended products for upselling, easy navigation with breadcrumbs, and a mega menu for comprehensive site exploration, this theme is a comprehensive package for a thriving online store.

Scrowp Theme

Scrowp Theme Preview

  • Price: $295 - $495
  • Best for Dropshipping, DTC brands, entrepreneur
  • Features: Predictive (autocomplete) search, mobile-first designed, upsell with personalized recommendations.

Scrowp boasts one of the swiftest Shopify Themes, incorporating advanced features. The claim of being the best Shopify theme is rooted in its development by a seasoned Shopify expert, an entrepreneur, and a winner of the Conversion Rate Competition Award, possessing over 12 years of eCommerce experience. 

Nevertheless, it's important to note that the concept of the "best" theme is subjective, varying based on each store's unique demands and requirements. What proves valuable for one store with certain advanced features might not be as beneficial for another.

Be Yours Theme

Be Yours Theme

  • Price: $320
  • Best for dropshippers, physical stores, and quick setup

Designed with a focus on super-fast response speed, the Be Yours Theme by RoarTheme is an excellent choice for stores prioritizing swift performance. In addition to its speed, the theme caters to the needs of physical stores engaged in in-person selling. The setup process is minimal, allowing for a quick launch, and it includes features such as a sticky cart, in-store pickups, and pre-order functionality to support a variety of shopping preferences. RoarTheme specifically highlights that this theme is crafted with dropshippers in mind, making it a versatile and comprehensive solution for a range of eCommerce needs.

Kalles Theme

Kalles Theme Preview

  • Price: $89 
  • Best for: Fashion stores, new merchants

This Shopify theme is characterized by its cleanliness, versatility, and responsiveness, making it a suitable choice for any store across various industries. Offering more than 50 home page demos, over 10 product pages, and a comprehensive set of essential features, it caters to a wide range of needs. The theme editor is optimized and streamlined in UX/UI, ensuring a user-friendly experience for effortless customization. Notably, advanced features specifically designed for product showcases include over 15 single product layouts for diverse showcasing options, an advanced Ajax filter for efficient product searches, and an advanced mega menu for streamlined navigation. These components contribute to a rich and dynamic online shopping experience for customers.

Halo Theme

Halo Theme Preview

  • Price: $48 
  • Best for: Store with a large number of products, a store that sells products from different brands 
  • Essential Features: Bulk Editor, 04 mega menu layouts for versatile navigation, Multiple headers/footers and mobile headers

The Halo Theme proves highly beneficial for stores offering a diverse range of products, from brand-specific items to a variety of product types. It facilitates quick editing of a large product inventory through the bulk editor and includes a feature allowing customers to make purchases based on brands. With over 84 ready-to-use prebuilt sections and essential features aimed at boosting conversions and sales, the theme incorporates tools like Out-of-stock notify, Exit intent popup, Quick update and edit cart, and Upsell and cross-sell with the Frequently Bought Together feature.

Vogal Theme

Vogal Theme Preview

  • Price: $69 
  • Features: Mega Menu, Dynamic filters, Super Ajax search, and essential features to increase conversion rate such as Sale countdown, Order and users count, Frequently Bought Together.

Vogal stands out as an All-in-one Shopify theme boasting powerful and advanced theme options coupled with an impressive design. Ideal for stores prioritizing speed, it holds a Google-certified report for 99% Google Page Speed and an A GTmetrix Performance. With over 15 striking banner sections, Vogal empowers users to craft diverse pages, layouts, and portfolios, even starting from a simple grid. This theme seamlessly integrates with widely used apps to enhance sales, including Loox, UpPromote, and more.

Flow Theme

Flow Theme by EightThemes

  • Price: $350 USD
  • Best for high-volume stores, flash sales, quick setup

Designed by Eight Themes, this theme is tailored for stores emphasizing product presentation. Its minimalistic appearance directs customers' attention to the visual appeal of products and how they are showcased. Essential merchandising features, including animations, image rollovers, product videos, color swatches, image zoom, and high-resolution images, are seamlessly integrated. 

Moreover, the theme prioritizes features conducive to time-based promotions, enhancing the effectiveness of flash sales. With optimized page speeds, it ensures smooth and effortless browsing on both mobile and desktop devices.

Eurus Theme

Prestige Theme by Maestroo

  • Price: $200 USD 
  • Best for dropshippers, physical stores, flash sales

If you're searching for an efficient theme that comes at a reasonable price yet encompasses crucial features, we've got you covered. The Eurus Theme by BSS Commerce is meticulously crafted for speed, rich functionality, and mobile responsiveness—all at an affordable price of just $200.

Merchants can elevate their sales with swift loading times, improved user experience, and a responsive design that adapts to Light/Dark modes based on the device. Additionally, the theme is SEO-optimized for enhanced visibility.

Baseline Theme

Baseline Theme by Switch

  • Price: $320 USD 
  • Best for editorial content, quick setup, visual storytelling

Inspired by brutalism, this uniquely crafted theme offers a beautifully curated storefront. It provides merchants with an opportunity to infuse a modern and fresh ambiance into their stores, evoking a digital taste of mid-century art. Special features like blocks, grids, graphic lines, modular divines, and mono hues contribute to this distinctive aesthetic.

Moreover, the theme allows merchants to experiment with typography through text-centric layouts. Beyond these special features, it retains commonly used elements such as blogs, recommended products, promo banners, pop-ups, and tiles. Notably, the theme fulfills the standard requirements for cart and checkout functionality, merchandising, and product discovery, aligning with the conventions observed in many other Shopify themes.

  • Pro tip: Create custom Shopify sections

    Once merchants have selected their Shopify theme - many would like to create custom sections to enhance the user experience on their storefront. Using Instant Page Builder, you can build unique Shopify sections that can be edited directly in the Shopify theme editor, and exported to any Shopify 2.0 theme, working with any page type. These sections are automatically converted into Shopify’s native Liquid code.

Conclusion: Boost Your Store with Shopify Themes

Creating an online store doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Shopify Themes make it easy for merchants, whether you're just starting or have an established business. In this guide, we've broken down everything you need to know about Shopify Themes, from basic features to the top 10 themes recommended in 2024.

Make your online presence stand out, improve customer experiences, and increase sales with the best Shopify Themes. But this isn't the end of your journey. For more tips and tricks to make your online store even better, explore our additional eCommerce insights. Click here to discover more eCommerce tips and take your online store to the next level!

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