Shopify Checkout Extensibility Capabilities: Level Up Your Checkout Page

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Published: Jan 17, 2024

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Ultimate guide to shopify checkout customizations

The checkout process holds immense importance for Shopify merchants, serving as the critical point where a visitor transforms into a customer, leading to an actual sale. Improving this step is challenging, but Shopify consistently provides valuable tools accessible through Shopify Checkout Extensibility. Built on the latest technology platform, Checkout Extensibility eases the process of optimizing checkout pages, offering exclusive benefits and advanced features upon upgrading for Shopify merchants.

In this article, we will explore Checkout Extensibility in a straightforward manner, suitable for both experienced developers and merchants with minimal coding skills. We'll cover its core aspects, capabilities, and practical use cases, providing foundational knowledge to help merchants optimize not only the checkout page but also unlock its full potential.

What is Shopify Checkout Extensibility?

Shopify Checkout Extensibility serves as a replacement for Checkout.liquid in the context of checkout customization. It introduces powerful features that streamline the customization process in an app-based, highly converting manner. 
With Checkout Extensibility, merchants gain access to advanced and useful features, including:

It's important to note that, currently, Checkout Extensibility is exclusively available to Shopify Plus merchants. Additionally, it is not compatible with Checkout.liquid, and both cannot be used simultaneously. If you are using Checkout.liquid, you'll need to remove or replace all settings in Checkout.liquid to effectively utilize Checkout Extensibility.
  • Contact for upgrading to Shopify Plus: 

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The Benefits Of Shopify Checkout Extensibility

1. Code-Free Customization

Unlike the alternative method of customizing the checkout page through Checkout.liquid, Checkout Extensibility offers a code-free approach through its app-based customization. With Shopify Checkout Extensibility, merchants can effortlessly customize their checkout pages without any coding. Utilizing the Checkout Editor and Branding API, merchants can fully control and modify visual elements like colors, fonts, and logos. 
Additionally, they can enhance checkout functionality by incorporating features through apps from third-party partners on the Shopify platform.  With the supporting from Shopify regarding Shopify checkout extensions, now app developers can create custom functionality that Shopify merchants can try in their store checkout flow by installing the app. For example with the Checkout UI extensions, merchants can customize their checkout page with the product information, shipping, payment methods without any coding skills. 

2. Upgrade-safe and enhanced security

Checkout Extensibility eliminates the need for periodic upgrades. Unlike merchants using Checkout.liquid, who must manually update codes with each new Shopify release, those utilizing Checkout Extensibility can access new features immediately upon release.
Moreover, the components and APIs supporting Checkout Extensibility operate in a sandboxed environment, enhancing overall security measures.

3. Increase speed and conversion

Shopify crafted Checkout Extensibility using their latest platform technology, aiming to enhance the conversion rate by providing a faster checkout experience for merchants' customers.

According to Shopify claims, Checkout Extensibility can deliver a twofold increase in checkout speed, contributing to an average 1% boost in conversion rates.

4. Seamless Integration with Shop Pay

Shop Pay stands as a source of pride for Shopify, serving as a payment solution that expedites checkout processes and ensures secure payments, earning the reputation of the Internet's highest-converting checkout. Shopify's study suggests that Shop Pay has the potential to yield 91% higher conversion rates on mobile devices and offers a checkout experience four times faster.

For merchants seeking to utilize express checkout as Shop Pay while simultaneously customizing the checkout page without conflicts, Checkout Extensibility emerges as the optimal choice. With Shopify Checkout Extensibility, merchants can effortlessly incorporate various checkout customizations into Shop Pay through a simple process in the Checkout Editor, ensuring seamless configuration with just a few clicks.

Shop Pay

Shop Pay makes the checkout safer and faster.

5. Access to Powerful New Checkout Features

Upon upgrading to Checkout Extensibility, merchants can seamlessly unlock a host of powerful new checkout features introduced by Shopify. These include:

  • New purchase options: Pre-orders
  • New payment option: Shop Pay Installments
  • New shipping and delivery functionality: Shop Promise, Estimated delivery dates, Shipping to pickup points, Subscription shipping rate names
  • New discount functionality: Discount combinations, Shipping discounts 
  • New marketing features: SMS marketing opt-in, Email marketing opt-in
  • New B2B functionality: Vaulted credit cards, Flexible shipping addresses, Customizable checkout experience
  • New checkout functionality: One-page checkout, Tooltip for estimated tax

6. Facilitating Advanced Customizations

Moreover, developers now have more room for creativity with advanced customizations, as Shopify has unlocked Backend Logic to address diverse business needs. Merchants can access these advanced customizations with assistance from their own development team or developers affiliated with Shopify Partners.

What Are The Checkout Extensibility Features?

1. Checkout Editor

  • Simplify checkout page customization with drag-and-drop actions.
  • Fully edit visual elements like colors, fonts, logos, backgrounds.
  • Drag and drop custom checkout functions from Shopify checkout extensibility apps.

checkout extensibility shopify functions

Checkout Editor (left) and a checkout page that is customized in style (right)

2. Checkout Apps

  • Choose from a myriad of Shopify checkout extensibility apps on the App Store.
  • Enhance your checkout page with new UI extensions, custom logic, fields, post-purchase pages, or pixels using app-based solutions.

3. Shopify Pixels Manager

  • Securely manage all tracking pixels for your store and checkout page in one centralized location.

4. Branding API

  • Exercise full control over your checkout's appearance, from minor elements like button borders to the overall visual style.

5. Components for Custom Apps

  • Leveraging Shopify's unlocked Backend Logic, developers can create custom apps.
  • Merchants using Checkout Extensibility can access features from these custom apps or even build their own, tailored to their business needs.

Checkout Customization Options and Use Cases

After exploring the exclusive features and benefits of Shopify Checkout Extensibility, our journey continues to the next section, where we'll uncover practical use cases and customizable options for merchants. To keep things organized, we'll categorize these use cases based on the customization technology, ensuring they seamlessly align with Shopify's predefined categories.

1. Checkout UI Extensions

Customization type: Customize checkout page and the Order Status page with custom UI or content.

Use cases: 

  • Show product offers to upsell and cross-sell at checkout
  • Create custom fields to capture additional information from customers 
  • Create a custom banner to display more information or notices
  • Include a survey in the checkout process
  • Create validation fields to ensure customers input valid data or meet certain requirements. 
  • Provide a referral code for new customers. 

Fussy store with Product Offers at checkout

Example of the store Fussy customize checkout with Product Offers as upselling.

2. Branding API

Customization type: Customize the visual of the checkout page 
Use cases: Customize the design of checkout page to ensure it follows the brand style 

3. Shopify Functions

Customization type: Create custom logic in Shopify's backend
Use cases:
  • Build a discount experience, such as the "Volume discount," for customers to apply and earn.
  • Payment methods customizations: Rename, rearrange, hide, or show the payment methods with your trigger settings.
  • Delivery options customizations: Rename, rearrange, hide, or show the delivery methods with your trigger settings.
  • Build the location rules to prioritize preferred locations for a line item.
  • Create cart and checkout validations to enforce an order maximum for customers with insufficient order history. This use case is applied to prevent customers from proceeding through checkout.
  • Built fulfillment constraints to customize fulfillment and delivery strategies during the fulfillment process. A typical use case is using these fulfillment constraints to ensure that certain products are always fulfilled from a specific store location.

4. Post-purchase Shopify checkout extensions

Customization type: Add custom content to the post-purchase page
Use cases:
  • Create product offers to upsell or cross-sell on the post-purchase page once customers have completed their payment.
  • Customize the post-purchase page to capture additional information from customers.

5. Web pixel app extensions

Customization type: Add custom content to the post-purchase page
Use cases: Tracking customer behavior to optimize the marketing or selling strategies.
  • Many of the features and use cases mentioned earlier are not compatible with Checkout.liquid. If you're currently using Checkout.liquid, we strongly recommend upgrading to Shopify Checkout Extensibility. This not only allows you to access exclusive benefits but is also crucial considering that Checkout.liquid will be deprecated by August 2024.

    Feel free to contact us if you need assistance in reviewing your current Checkout.liquid and upgrading to Checkout Extensibility.


In conclusion, Shopify Checkout Extensibility offers merchants a versatile toolkit to elevate the checkout experience and the optimization process. We've explored the ins and outs, from its foundational definition to the exclusive benefits, features, and practical use cases. 

Checkout Extensibility not only enhances your store's functionality but also positions your business at the forefront of innovation. Whether you're seeking to streamline checkout processes, maximize conversion rates, or implement tailored solutions, Checkout Extensibility empowers you to shape a seamless and customer-centric e-commerce journey. 

And there are still more things to explore in the future based on the Shopify checkout extensibility roadmap. We believe that Shopify will keep upgrading their checkout platform to become better and better. 

Don't miss out on the transformative possibilities – upgrade to Checkout Extensibility today for a more optimized and dynamic online store experience.

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